Interface PropertySet

    • Method Detail

      • newDefaultInstance

        default PropertySet newDefaultInstance()
      • getExtension

        default PropertySet getExtension()
        Description copied from interface: Extendable
        This returns an object that represents the value only for the most "local" level. That is, this is the difference between the inherited base and the current extension. Complex objects should ensure that trait is true for all aspects of the returned value.
        Specified by:
        getExtension in interface Extendable<PropertySet>
      • isExtended

        boolean isExtended​(Property<?> prop)
        Returns whether this property set contains a value for the prop, and the prop was actually inherited. In other words, this is true if the property is inherited, and an override value is present.
      • isInherited

        boolean isInherited​(Property<?> prop)
        Indicates whether the property was inherited from a parent type.