Interface BoundPropertySet

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      • getValues

        default java.util.List<PropertyValue> getValues()
        Description copied from interface: PropertyValueSource
        Returns the opaque PropertyValue objects. This can be useful when you want to avoid the strict type checking of the value, and it's important to note that if the property is bound, the value will be a BoundValue. Be very careful about overriding, and make sure to maintain the methodology of using getProperties to iterate and get (or getOrDefault), to get the value, because those are all handled differently by BoundPropertySets, ExtendedPropertySets, etc.
        Specified by:
        getValues in interface PropertyValueSource
      • isBound

        boolean isBound​(Property<?> prop)
      • getBoundOrDefault

        default java.lang.Object getBoundOrDefault​(Property<?> prop)
        If the property is bound, return the bound value. Otherwise return the value or default.
      • getBoundProperties

        java.util.Collection<Property<?>> getBoundProperties()