Interface QualityMonitor

    • Method Detail

      • setQuality

        void setQuality​(QualityCode value)
        Sets the current data quality to the given value
      • getQuality

        QualityCode getQuality()
        Retrieves the data quality code.
      • getDataQuality

        int getDataQuality()
        For backwards compatibility with scripts. Would be awesome if this could just be a default method, but there's a bug (JDK-8071693) that makes that not work with property introspection.
      • setDataQuality

        void setDataQuality​(int value)
      • updateQuality

        void updateQuality​(java.lang.String propName,
                           QualityCode quality)
        Updates the quality for the given property name. The monitor will then evaluate a new quality based on the quality of its other properties. Overall, the worst quality is chosen.