Class SDataSet

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    public class SDataSet
    extends java.lang.Object
    A DataSet contains records of various types together with their meta data. The records are indexed by their type and primary keys, and so can be efficiently retrieved. A list of dirty records that need to be updated is also maintained.

    A DataSet is normally associated with a SSession/Jdbc, and is accessed indirectly via the SSessionJdbc methods. But a DataSet can also be accessed directly when it is detached from the SSession.

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    • Constructor Detail

      • SDataSet

        public SDataSet()
    • Method Detail

      • createWithNullKey

        public <RI extends SRecordInstance> RI createWithNullKey​(SRecordMeta<RI> rmeta)
        Used if no key is known, and one is to be provided later.
      • removeRecord

        public void removeRecord​(SRecordInstance rinst)
        Remove record from cache, does not flag it for deletion.
      • queryAllRecords

        public java.util.Collection<SRecordInstance> queryAllRecords()
      • queryReferencing

        public <I extends SRecordInstance,​R extends SRecordInstance> java.util.List<R> queryReferencing​(I refed,
                                                                                                              SFieldReference<I> ref)
        Return all records in dataset where rec.ref == ref. Ie. the inverse of findRecrod.
      • isAttached

        public boolean isAttached()
      • clearDirtyList

        public void clearDirtyList()
      • getDirtyRecords

        public java.util.List<SRecordInstance> getDirtyRecords()
        Ordered list of SRecordInstances to flush and purge.
      • purge

        public void purge()
        Remove all records from cache and update list.
      • destroy

        public void destroy()
      • clone

        public SDataSet clone()
        Clone the dataset. Useful befor attempting to attach and commit to recover from errors. (See LongTransactionTest).

        Curent implementation uses slow serialization alg, should really use clone()/able.

        clone in class java.lang.Object
      • newInstanceNotInDataSet

        public <RI extends SRecordInstance> RI newInstanceNotInDataSet​(SRecordMeta<RI> rmeta)
        Create a new instance of this record, used by SSession during the fiddly doFindOrCreate etc.

      • findUsingPrototype

        public <RI extends SRecordInstance> RI findUsingPrototype​(RI rinst)
      • pokeIntoDataSet

        public void pokeIntoDataSet​(SRecordInstance rinst)
      • getLogger

        public SLog getLogger()
      • createDetachedInstance

        public static <RI extends SRecordInstance> RI createDetachedInstance​(SRecordMeta<RI> rmeta)
        Create a new instance of this record, unattached to a dataset. Used for backward compatibility, records normally ONLY live within a DataSet. Detached records are marked as new.
      • attach

        public void attach​(SRecordInstance rinst)
        Attach rinst into the dataset, checking that it is not already there. References should be null. Only for compatibility with 2.*, normally records only normal created within data sets.
      • dumpDataSet

        public void dumpDataSet()
        Dumps out the entire cache of records for this connection. For debugging wierd bugs only.
      • toString

        public java.lang.String toString()
        toString in class java.lang.Object
      • setSession

        public void setSession​(SSessionI session)