Interface IHomepagePanelDescriptor

    • Method Detail

      • getPanelName

        java.lang.String getPanelName()
        A unique name for this panel. Used as a key to store preferences for the user to override this panel's settings.
      • getOrder

        int getOrder()
        A relative ordering for this panel. Lower numbers appear first.
      • getTitleResourceKey

        java.lang.String getTitleResourceKey()
        A resource key to use as the panel title.
      • isInitiallyExpanded

        boolean isInitiallyExpanded()
        Should this panel be initially expanded or collapsed?
      • newPanel

        org.apache.wicket.markup.html.panel.Panel newPanel​(java.lang.String id)
        Create the new panel to display.
      • isVisible

        boolean isVisible()
        Is this homepage visible?
      • getHelpResourceKey

        java.lang.String getHelpResourceKey()
        Return the resource key for the panel's help blurb.
      • getHelpTopicId

        java.lang.String getHelpTopicId()
        This method will no longer exist in future versions.
        Return the name of the user manual topic to link to. The string ${HELP} will be replaced to a url to this help topic if found in the content pointed to by the help resource key. For example, the help blurb might be:

         This panel is great. You should use it lots. <a href="${HELP}">Learn more...</a>
      • getSearchableItems

        default java.lang.Iterable<java.lang.String> getSearchableItems()
        Return a list of names of items that will appear within this homepage panel that should show up in the site-wide search