Interface CommonContext

    • Method Detail

      • getTagManager

        TagManager getTagManager()
        Returns the manager that provides access to Ignition's tag system.
      • getScriptManager

        ScriptManager getScriptManager()
        Returns the ScriptManager that can be used to execute Python scripts.
      • createDeserializer

        XMLDeserializer createDeserializer()
        Returns an instance of the XMLDeserializer that can be used to deserialize project resources. Note that this is the only safe way to obtain an instance of XMLDeserializer, because the context will pass the new deserializer around to all loaded modules, giving them a chance to initialize any custom deserialization deletes on it first.
      • getExpressionFunctionFactory

        FunctionFactory getExpressionFunctionFactory()
        Returns the core function factory used by expressions. Includes extension functions registered by modules.
      • getModule

        java.lang.Object getModule​(java.lang.String id)
        Returns the hook class for another module, used for modules that deal with each other's models. Example: The reporting plugin's designer hook uses this to get FactoryPMI's palette.
      • getLicenseState

        LicenseState getLicenseState​(java.lang.String moduleId)
        Returns the license state for the given module
      • getEventBus getEventBus()
        This is a generic event bus that can be used by any part of Ignition within a single scope (jvm)