Interface LicenseState

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    ActivatedLicenseState, FreeLicenseState, TrialLicenseState

    public interface LicenseState
    Represents what license state a specific module is in, including any platform-wide license details and the license details for the module in question.
    • Method Detail

      • isTrialExpired

        boolean isTrialExpired()
        Whether or not this demo's trial period has expired. Only relevant when the LicenseMode is Trial.
        true if the demo's trial has expired
      • getTrialExpirationDate

        java.util.Date getTrialExpirationDate()
        The Date at which this demo's trial period will expire, or expired at if already expired. Not relevant unless the LicenseMode is Demo.
      • getPlatformLicense

        LicenseDetails getPlatformLicense()
        the PlatformLicense in effect for this LicenseState. If the LicenseMode is not Activated this can be null.
      • getModuleLicense

        ModuleLicense getModuleLicense()
        the ModuleLicense in effect for this LicenseState for this particular module. If the LicenseMode is not Activated this can be null.