Interface InteractionController

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    public interface InteractionController
    Controls binding interaction and other adapters for a hierarchy of components.
    • Method Detail

      • getPropertyAdapter

        PropertyAdapter getPropertyAdapter​(java.awt.Component c,
                                           java.lang.String propName)
        Get the property adapter for the given property. If no adapter (a.k.a. binding) is installed, null is returned.
      • getInteractionDescriptorsWithSource

        InteractionDescriptor[] getInteractionDescriptorsWithSource​(java.awt.Component source)
        Get all of the interactions that have the given component as a source (dependency)
      • getInteractionDescriptorsWithTarget

        InteractionDescriptor[] getInteractionDescriptorsWithTarget​(java.awt.Component target)
        Get all of the interactions that target the given component.
      • getAllAdaptersForTarget

        Adapter[] getAllAdaptersForTarget​(java.awt.Component target)
        Get all adapters (property + general) for the target component.
      • removeAllAdaptersForTarget

        java.util.List<Adapter> removeAllAdaptersForTarget​(java.awt.Component target)
      • setPropertyAdapter

        void setPropertyAdapter​(java.awt.Component c,
                                java.lang.String propName,
                                PropertyAdapter pa)
      • removePropertyAdapter

        void removePropertyAdapter​(java.awt.Component c,
                                   java.lang.String propName)
      • addAdapter

        void addAdapter​(java.awt.Component c,
                        Adapter a)
      • removeAdapter

        void removeAdapter​(java.awt.Component c,
                           Adapter a)