Class AbstractTagAdapter

    • Field Detail

      • tagPathString

        protected java.lang.String tagPathString
        This tag path is the string based tag path that gets serialized
      • tagPath

        protected TagPath tagPath
        This tag path is a real TagPath that is transient, calculated from the regular tag path.
      • bidirectional

        protected boolean bidirectional
        A bidirectional binding listens to the target property for property change events, pushing them into the tag. Used for controlling tags.
      • fallbackDelay

        protected int fallbackDelay
        The amount of time to stay WRITE_PENDING after a write successfully completes waiting for the value to change
    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractTagAdapter

        public AbstractTagAdapter()
    • Method Detail

      • getFallbackDelay

        public int getFallbackDelay()
      • setFallbackDelay

        public void setFallbackDelay​(int readAfterWriteDelay)
      • _getTagPath

        public TagPath _getTagPath()
      • _setTagPath

        public void _setTagPath​(TagPath tp)
      • getTagPathString

        public java.lang.String getTagPathString()
      • setTagPathString

        public void setTagPathString​(java.lang.String tagPathString)
      • isBidirectional

        public boolean isBidirectional()
      • setBidirectional

        public void setBidirectional​(boolean bidirectional)
      • getInteractions

        public InteractionDescriptor[] getInteractions()
        Description copied from interface: Adapter
        Retrieves an array of the interactions that this adapter depends on. An interaction descriptor describes an inter-component interaction.