Interface RuntimeStateManager

  • @Deprecated
    public interface RuntimeStateManager
    This system synchronizes data between redundant systems. It has been deprecated as of 8.0. Instead, module authors should implement SynchronizedStateProvider, and register that with the Redundancy Manager. Code that uses this system will continue to work as before, and will benefit from _some_ of the new features (individual version tracking, instead of the system-wide tracking the previous system used).
    • Method Detail

      • registerRuntimeProvider

        void registerRuntimeProvider​(RuntimeStateProvider provider)
        Registers a provider for a system that depends on synchronized runtime state. These systems will be synched whenever the nodes join or change activity. The active node should post state updates via postRuntimeUpdate. If the other node is connected, it will receive them.
      • unregisterRuntimeProvider

        void unregisterRuntimeProvider​(RuntimeStateProvider provider)
      • postRuntimeUpdate

        void postRuntimeUpdate​(java.lang.String runtimeProviderId,
        Queues a runtime state update to be sent to the provider specified on the non-active node. Runtime state is different than config state in that the "active" node provides updates, whether it's the master or backup, whereas config is only provided by the master.