Class CodeEditorFactory

  • public class CodeEditorFactory
    extends java.lang.Object
    • Method Detail

      • newPythonEditor

        public static com.jidesoft.editor.CodeEditor newPythonEditor()
        Creates a new CodeEditor that is set up for Python editing. This code editor will also underline the 1st syntax error, if there is one. You may also get a gutter out of this code editor and place it to the right of the code editor if you wish, for example:

         CodeEditor editor CodeEditorFactory.newPythonEditor();
         MarkerStripe stripe = editor.getMarkerArea().getMarkerStripe();
         stripe.setPreferredSize(new Dimension(10, 100));
         JPanel panel = new JPanel(new BorderLayout());
         panel.add(editor, BorderLayout.CENTER);
         panel.add(stripe, BorderLayout.EAST);
      • newXMLEditor

        public static com.jidesoft.editor.CodeEditor newXMLEditor()
      • newSQLEditor

        public static com.jidesoft.editor.CodeEditor newSQLEditor()
      • newExpressionLanguageEditor

        public static com.jidesoft.editor.CodeEditor newExpressionLanguageEditor()
        Deprecated as of 7.6. The other version of a function should be called, with a function factory provided by the scope context.
      • newExpressionLanguageEditor

        public static com.jidesoft.editor.CodeEditor newExpressionLanguageEditor​(FunctionFactory functionFactory)