Interface TagPath

    • Method Detail

      • getParentPath

        TagPath getParentPath()
        Returns the path to this tag's parent folder
        Specified by:
        getParentPath in interface Path
      • getChildPath

        TagPath getChildPath​(@Nullable
                             java.lang.String nextId)
        Returns a path below the current path.
      • getChildPath

        default TagPath getChildPath​(Property<?> property)
        Returns the same path with a different property.
      • getItemName

        java.lang.String getItemName()
        Returns the name of the item at the end of the path that this path points to. This will be a tag name or a folder name.
      • getProperty

        Property<?> getProperty()
        Returns the type of property in the tag that this path is referencing.
      • getSource

        java.lang.String getSource()
        Returns the source for this tag path. Some tag paths don't have a source, indicating that they may be a relative, or they may wish to use a default source.
      • toStringFull

        java.lang.String toStringFull()
        Returns the full string representation, with source (if any), and property designator (if any)
      • toStringPartial

        java.lang.String toStringPartial()
        Returns the string representation of the path without the source or the property.