Interface ComplexTag

    • Method Detail

      • getFullyQualifiedType

        TagPath getFullyQualifiedType()
        Returns the type id of this tag. If the tag is an instance, will be the type of its parent.
      • getMembers

        java.util.Collection<Member> getMembers​(boolean opaque)
        If opaque, member config objects will already have overrides applied to them.
      • getMember

        Member getMember​(java.lang.String memberUid)
        Returns the member of this complex tag with the given UID, or null if the member doesn't exist. However, if the memberUID is null, it returns a member for the root complex tag (a faux member, that is not included in the getMembers() results).
      • isTypeDef

        boolean isTypeDef()
        Returns whether this complex type is a type definition, or an instance.
      • getOverrides

        PropertySet getOverrides​(java.lang.String memberUid)
        Retrieves the overrides for the specified member of this complex type.