Interface License

    • Method Detail

      • getCDKey

        CDKey getCDKey()
      • getSystemId

        java.lang.String getSystemId()
        Returns a string representation of identifying system features. Replaces SystemHash.
      • getVersion

        int getVersion()
      • getSystemHash

        SystemHash getSystemHash()
        This was the old way of tying a license to a system. New licenses will have a systemId instead, and this will be null, but old licenses will still have this on them.
      • getPlatformLicense

        LicenseDetails getPlatformLicense()
        The LicenseDetails that pertain to the Ignition Platform as a whole. Will be null on secondary licenses
      • isPrimaryLicense

        boolean isPrimaryLicense()
        Returns true if this is a primary ignition license, which means that it contains platform details.
      • getModuleLicenses

        java.util.List<ModuleLicense> getModuleLicenses()
      • isDeveloperLicense

        boolean isDeveloperLicense()
      • isEdgeLicense

        boolean isEdgeLicense()